An excerpt..Sharing Sunday

I’m in the middle of revising…2nd time around. And thought I would let a snippet of a passage that still sits with me days after I read it. So, as I nibble on my tortured nail bed, I open my palm and let it fly into the world..thoughts and feedback are most certainly welcome.

The musty smell in my cage wafted around me like a thick smoke. Others had been held inside. I spotted hints of aged blood and hair in the crease of the window bars, someone had put up a fight, good for them. My eyes roamed the sizable cell and when they reached the corner to my left, a shadow of something took up the otherwise empty space. That’s when I drew in a sharp breath and regretted making a sound.

      “Staring is rude, hasn’t anyone ever told you that? Or has the orphanage fell short these last few years on teaching manner and etiquette?”

      The boys’ voice sounded amused, but held an underlying irritation to it. I was still shaky from the surprise of not being alone in the gypsy’s wagon, and a new concern sat with me, I was locked up inside the cell with him. I chose my words wisely.

      “I wouldn’t call it teaching. Obedience is the main subject there, the only subject. I’ve found that their beliefs on human treatment and mine don’t mesh, being that I’m not an animal. And as for manners, I’ve yet to meet someone who deserves the effort.”

     I’d never been good at filtering myself, I just spoke what I thought. Hence the scar gracing my neck. So I should have expected what came after. I heard the quick movement, the slide of fabric over the floorboard, but he was quicker and I hadn’t the privilege of knowing my surroundings as well. The burn of a needle prick flooded my veins and I felt a moment of calm, a black shroud covered my vision and before I lost consciousness I swear I felt the brush of a delicate breath across my cheek.

So, that’s my sharing for today, i hope you enjoy the excerpt. I’m in love with my story, and I believe that nothing out there has covered the premise. What  passages  in your manuscript send goosebumps across your skin? Im happy to say that i feel that often when reading what I still cant believe comes out of me sometimes.

I wish that for you writer, dreamer, temporary inhabitant of a fantastical world. Because if you don’t love your story, most likely no one else will either. Get lost in silliness, playful childhood, that’s where all the secret kingdoms lie waiting for you to return and discover their magic.

WRITE every day, READ just as much, then WRITE more.


And a funny on Tuesday


This, yes indeed.

The weekend seems so far away…

My take on Scrivener

A few months back I decided to try out Scrivener. My WIP was getting somewhat large and I thought maybe the software would organize things better than my gazillion post its and pages of notes.

And to my surprise it did. Now, don’t get me wrong, it took about a week to get used to the program, but since then Ive worked with it exclusively, so i decided to purchase.


Organization of characters, scenes, world building & background.

Research folder at my fingertips, I’m able to highlight something and refer to it instantly no matter where it is on the manuscript. Which I do a lot….


I kind of have to be at my laptop to add new writing, i think there is a way to have the program on my usb drive,I’ve yet to figure out how. But im okay with that. Id be bringing it to work…and we know how that would go, I’d get no work done.

I haven’t explored the whole of the program yet, and im sure there are many options available to me that I haven’t explored, but as a whole, I like it. And I’ve written more words per day since Ive used it…i don’t know if that’s all in my head, but i feel good. And if I feel good, my writing takes on that mojo, and its clear skies.

So, in my opinion it is a good program and worth a look into at least. The price is fair ($40.00), but there are discounts available online if you search around. The 30 day trial gives you the chance to try it out. Now I by no means am trying to promote the program, it just works for me. And if something is working with your writing, its always a good thing.

Keep imagining, its our writing fuel.



New approach to writing

Most of last week i was in kind of a ho-hum writing mind state. I was putting the time in, but the quality wasn’t there. So, after coming home mid-week to find that i couldn’t use my laptop, (its purpose that day was to entertain the kids), which kind of threw a wrench in my writing schedule. But, I had to write, so what to do, what to do…Ah, yes!, I could actually WRITE….in my notebook. Funny how some simple things fade in time, due to our busy lives and electronic equipment. I hadn’t written in my journal or used my notebooks for anything substantial other than note taking. But boy what a difference once I found a comfortable spot and put pen to page. The writing was intimate, completely different than typing away and hearing the click clack of the keyboard. (Which don’t get me wrong, is a huge time saver), but parts of the story I hadn’t even thought of yet were coming faster than I could write, and this was exhilarating!

To widdle this long-winded post down to a nugget of useful info, change things up now and then. It might surprise you what you’ve got stored in that creative head of yours. 😉

Movie Friday <3


I take a break every Friday after getting home from a long week of work, phones, work, phones etc. etc. And I watch a movie, or read the dog-eared book on my nightstand. Mostly we all watch movies, get pizza and settle in for the night. The best part is knowing I wont have to hear the alarm in the A.M….unless of course I want to get some uninterrupted writing in and need to wake up before the dawn. Which might be the case this week. My oldest is going to the beach and my youngest is oblivious to the ping of time. So…tonight we, or mostly I, will be watching one of my fav’s (Pan’s Labryinth). And most likely will be opening my Scrivener to work on that new idea flicking the back of my head for the last week. So here’s to Friday’s, endless possibilities and potential for writing a masterpiece or reconnecting with inspiration. Every good ending usually starts with a bumpy beginning ;).

Just a moment of inspiration…


It’s the truth. I just takes that one word or sentence to get you past that awkward …”Uh, Ive written myself into a corner”, moment. And when that one page starts flowing, it’s..magic. 😉


Keep writing, no matter what you do, how bad your day is, how tired you are, keep writing, even its if terrible. And it will be sometimes. But in the middle of all the rambling words on the page is a gem, that one phrase or action or spoken word, its there. It just needs a little polishing around the edges to smooth it out so it flows like a free flowing stream. Writing…it’s what you wish you were doing when you aren’t. The story is in your veins, flowing to your mind, inpatient to get out, we all just have to untangle the crowded conversations in our heads and weave them altogether to create something spectacular. SO..if today is a bad writing day for you, picture the pages you haven’t written, the pages that bring you farther toward that time that you hold it all in your hands, the finished product, and can say with pride..I did this, I wrote this, this story…all from my extraordinary mind.

Write, its what your meant to do.

Did you vote today?

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Good luck to both participants!

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