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Just a moment of inspiration…


It’s the truth. I just takes that one word or sentence to get you past that awkward …”Uh, Ive written myself into a corner”, moment. And when that one page starts flowing, it’s..magic. 😉


Keep writing, no matter what you do, how bad your day is, how tired you are, keep writing, even its if terrible. And it will be sometimes. But in the middle of all the rambling words on the page is a gem, that one phrase or action or spoken word, its there. It just needs a little polishing around the edges to smooth it out so it flows like a free flowing stream. Writing…it’s what you wish you were doing when you aren’t. The story is in your veins, flowing to your mind, inpatient to get out, we all just have to untangle the crowded conversations in our heads and weave them altogether to create something spectacular. SO..if today is a bad writing day for you, picture the pages you haven’t written, the pages that bring you farther toward that time that you hold it all in your hands, the finished product, and can say with pride..I did this, I wrote this, this story…all from my extraordinary mind.

Write, its what your meant to do.


Did you vote today?

The two new entries for Write Club 2014 have been posted and votes are rolling in, have you cast yours yet? If not, then sign in and read the two new entries here.


Good luck to both participants!

What’s your muse for writing?


Although I can write amidst all the chaos at home–(toddlers and teens to be precise). My ideal environment is slapping on the headphones and blasting some great movie scores, along with Evanescence, Christina Perri..I could go on..Skyrim (though i don’t play) also has a great soundtrack–as well as the classical composers. But I could spend hours listing all the inspirational music that sparks the flame in a writers mind, but I’d be writing this post for hours, and still wouldn’t cover half of the options. What I really wanted to share is that when I’m in that mode, headphones and blasting music, I get lost in the story, especially if I really like the song playing. I picture the scenes in my head like I’m watching a film tick by, maybe I’m crazy. I’ve been known to talk about my characters as if they were real…I get the look, you know, the slight arch of the eyebrow from the boyfriend, or even worse, your teenage daughter.

My enthusiasm overcomes my mature responsible role as mother and  adult, especially if I think I nailed the last scene or had a revelation in the plot. I have, and probably will again, jumped up and down and eagerly tried to explain why everyone in the house should be as excited as me, that’s when I usually get the look..I laugh as I’m writing this, because I honestly believe anyone that writes has those moments. Even if the excitement isn’t shared by your victim – er family or friend, it’s kind of like an acknowledgement, if i wasn’t meant to do this, i wouldn’t care what i just wrote, good or bad. And I care about both, it drives me to go further, excites me that at the end, I’ll get to go back and untwine the story and mold it into what my mind sees. Here’s to those wild moments of realization, and may they come often.



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Fresh and airy

As you can see, Ive updated my blog. I thought a fresh look was in order, though I do tend to go toward the darker side of images, I thought a good dose of pleasant would go easy on the eyes. So there you have it. I’m still working out the kinks with all of this, being a newbie to blogging. Ive seen some eye-catching pages that really draw me in and keep me on the page, I hope mine does that as well. On a side note: Have you voted today for Write Club 2014? If not, here’s your chance to make your choice from the first two entries here .

We need your votes! Every one counts. And congrats to the two entries posted today!

-till next time

Muse Sunday :-)

Well, today I can say that I exceeded my word count goal! All day the words just flowed out of me. In addition to that I went and did some revising to early chapter, (because I just cant help myself :/). Now, I realize its 10 pm and I missed Game of Thrones :(. But, what that tells me is that there are good days and not so good days in writing. Today, was definitely a good day. And tomorrow, fingers crossed, is the Write Club 2014 post of the 32 contestants that made it past the submissions. Which I hope is also a good day. Good luck to everyone that entered and thank you to all the judges that took time out of their lives to read all of the entries.

To follow along with Write Club 2014 go here

Rainy Days and Writing Breaks

I usually love rainy days, the gloom outside my windows is suprisingly….inspirational. But the last week here in NE PA has been, to say the least…uninspirational to the 10th power :/. So today, I saved and closed my best friend for the last year (said word document containing a world that I imagine would scare the hell out of me if I was really there), and signed into my neglected blog. Ive been feeling guilty with myself really, sometimes the story im attempting to write consumes every thought in my head, and sometimes it refuses to come out, i imagine the story itself is stopping me from going any further….you see, it wants to go one way, and I of course, want it to go somewhere else entirely. So at the moment, we are at a standoff, silly as it sounds, eventually the story will gain its strength and push me to follow down its rabbit hole, instead of mine. My green must be showing as far as being a blogger, I dont know if anyone could relate to this, but when im not writing my manuscript (or giving it the stare of persuasion), I feel like any other writing I do could be better spent working on said manuscript. But I digress, any writing is good and as im filling in the blankk spaces here, it does feel good, connecting, sharing, telling, releasing.

I look at blogs probably daily and I’ve come to an opinion, we all want to share something that will inspire someone even for a brief moment, If you’re reading this, then I hope you somehow connected with even a few words, and I think my therapeutic exercise in blogging has pulled me over a hump that I thought would last for days. Write, write, write — if its all you can do but to sit and get words down, then you’re meant to keep sitting down and getting those words down. I’m pulling for you, without ever knowing who you are, because in the end, anyone passionate enough to store a world not of their own inside their head, and spin that into a story to share with anyone who will read it. Is EXTRAORDINARY..til next time 🙂

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